We all have a whole lot of questions running through our heads when we first hear about the Master Cleanse. While fasting is not a foreign or new concept to most of us, it is certainly very misunderstood. Is it really possible to not eat for 10 days without getting hungry? Is it dangerous? Here are a bunch of answers to some of the more common questions.

Do I really need to read the book 'The Master Cleanser' by Stanley Burroughs?
Do I really need to read 'The Survivor's Guide to The Master Cleanse'?
Can I do the Cleanse for less than 10 days?
Who should NOT do the Cleanse?
Is it safe to stop eating for so long?
Won't I feel hungry and/or weak/faint all the time?
How much weight will I lose?
I'm not overweight so I'm a little worried about losing weight?
Where can I get more information?
Can I smoke during the Cleanse?
What about drinking (alcohol)?
Is there any special preparation I should do before the Cleanse?
Which is the best day to start?
The Master Cleanse A Survivor's Guide

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Grab a copy of The Master Cleanse: A Survivor's Guide now, or get it bundled with our Complete 10-Day Kit. It's jam packed full of indispensible, practical advice to ensure you successfully complete your first Cleanse and reap all of its benefits.

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