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The Master Cleanse: A Survivor's Guide
Master Cleanse: A Survivor's Guide

Don't even think about starting your first Master Cleanse without reading this book!

This product is recommended for
Everyone considering the Master Cleanse for the first time, or anyone who might have tried it unsuccessfully before without proper information.

Too many people fail to complete the Master Cleanse or have problems because of something they just didn't know or understand before they began!

If you're about to start your first Cleanse, or even if you're still just thinking about it, this book is essential reading! Written especially for South Africans, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the Cleanse, clarifying, guiding, and making sure that you reap all of its awesome benefits, as you lay a lasting foundation for a whole new, healthier lifestyle.

The book is jam-packed with practical hints and tips on topics like:

  • Essential mental and practical preparations before the Cleanse
  • The background and rationale behind fasting
  • Making the lemonade: recipes and strategies for work
  • All about Detox and Detoxing symptoms - what to expect
  • Surviving the Salt Water Flush
  • Easing out of the Cleanse
  • Eating after the Cleanse
  • Frequently Answered Questions
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