It's never been easier to lose weight and become a whole lot healthier, happier and energetic in the process! Everything you need, apart from the fresh lemons and spring water, is conveniently available right here in our online store.

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maple syup grade name changing from b to a dark color robust taste
10 Day Starter Kit
Master Cleanse: 10-Day Starter Kit
1 person: 10 days
  1. Includes comprehensive instructions and important
  2.     information for all first-time Cleansers
  3. All the essential ingredients except lemons and water
R1 650.00
10 Day Repeater Kit
Master Cleanse: 10-Day Repeater Kit
1 person: 10 days
  1. All the essential ingredients except lemons and water
  2. Not recommended for first-time Cleansers
  3. Does not include instruction books
R1 450.00

Half-Gallon Grade B Maple Syrup
64oz Pure Maple Syrup
1 Quart Grade B Maple Syrup
32oz Pure Maple Syrup
Grade B, USDA Organic
  1. 5 Days (6 glasses per day)
  2. 946ml / Quart
  3. Certified Organic, Kosher Parve
  4. HDPE Plastic Jug (BPA free)
  5. Light protected
The Master Cleanse: A Survivor's Guide
The Master Cleanse
A Survivor's Guide
  1. Essential beginner's guide
  2. Avoid most common mistakes
  3. New Revised & Updated Edition
The Master Cleanser
The Master Cleanser
by Stanley Burroughs
  1. The book that started it all
  2. Complete and unabridged
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